THE SLEEPER  sleeping bobtail 1

One of the O.E.S. most favourite activities is to sleep.
A dog, of any breed, needs to store a sufficient amount of energy to stand up and eat.
For example, a Bobtail may need about 24 hours a day to rest.

As a result, those who really love their Bobtails, have to worry at the best about comfort of their Bobtail.
If you think the living-room is the best, then you have to know that the modern furniture aren't comfortable neither for men, nor for dogs. The today's chairs may sometimes fit for the men who sit on them, but most of dogs prefers lying down.
Not even the tables are comfortable and built up in a rational way, i.e. bearing in mind O.E.S. body lines.  sleeping bobtail


TEA TABLES have got a too hard surface  sleeping  sleeping bobtailFOLDING-CHAIRS aren't suitable, neither for humans, nor for dogs


USUAL CHAIRS are too small for a Bobtail


Only the bed is good enough for the Bobtail's rest.
As a matter of fact, the bed surface enables him to stretch in every direction he wants.
The sheets are clean, differently from the carpets, whereon humans use to walk with shoes all day long and, what is even worse, in the evening without shoes.
The pillows are very alluring for the Bobtail: they are soft and light and it's possible to carry them easily where the Bobtail prefers.
Only in the bedroom the Bobtail can find peace and concentration for almost all day long.
As a furniture, the bed has got a sole drawback for the Bobtail:

Often, towards 11 o'clock p.m., the Bobtail's nap is brutally interrupted when his owner is appearing in pyjamas and requesting to take part of his pallet. Thus, a fight is starting sometimes lasting late in the night and in certain cases even till the morning.
Although no dog likes sharing his bed with human beings, there are different ways to make the situation acceptable.
Here are some examples of how the Bobtail tries to match himself according to his habits:  sleeping bobtail

THE HOER needs a hollow to sleep, maybe to protect himself from mythical enemy.
So, he'll try to dig a hole in the blanket and sometimes he succeeds.  sleeping bobtail

THE DIGGER knows the hottest point is under the blankets.
It often happens that he's able to get "healthy and safe" at his favourite place by opening a passage through a labyrinth of creases.  sleeping bobtail

THE DARLING is pressing against his owner.
For the man, his devoutness is enticing, whereas for the Bobtail thus has got a real value: he knows men are perfect hot water bottles in winter!  sleeping bobtail

THE SLEEPWALKER makes little tours into the kitchen or outside (either for a midnight snack or for hygienical reasons). Often, this kind of guy takes the shortest way.  sleeping bobtail

THE PILLOW-FELLOW isn't of the opinion that the only usage of the pillow is to rest his head on it. However, it's a pity to leave alone all that soft space.  sleeping bobtail

THE JUMPER jumps on the bed through a joyful jump, both the bed and the owner are soft enough to mitigate his landing.  sleeping bobtail

THE EARLY-RISER gets up with the rising sun and enthusiastically welcomes the new day.
He wants that the owner too takes part of his joy. When the ceremony is over, he falls asleep again quietly.

According to Bobtail's opinion, men are really special bed-companions.
They turn and turn again all night long, saying even more incomprehensible words than the ones they pronounce during the day.


For the ones wishing to throw the dog down the bed, it may be helpful the following progressive method:

• First of all, try to have your dog at hand. Start to use with him sweetness and persuasion, letting him intend that you appreciate his company next to you. If you won't get any effect (as actually happens normally) use your legs and the rest of your body. Some undulated movements of the body may allow you to have your dog slipping slowly towards you. As soon as you catch him, push him out of the bed using your hands. If he bites, don't worry; you can always tear off a strip of sheet to wrap yourself.

• If your dog is under the blanket, don't look for him in your way and unthinkingly. The wisest way is to lift the blanket little by little. (You'll succeed better by getting off the bed). The blanket hasn't to be turned off roughly: this disturbs the dog, which in such case will fight strongly to defend what in his opinion belongs to him.

• It is possible that your dog keeps on sleeping even after you will have taken off his blanket; then try the pillow method. Don't be afraid to hurt your dog: the pillow is soft enough. At the worst it could break (the pillow), but don't despair: you can always buy another one. Whereas the pillow method doesn't work neither, try and jump on the mattress for some minutes.

• At this point your Bobtail will open one eye slowly (maybe also both). This doesn't mean that he's ready to leave his bed though. This is the moment to lift as much as possible one end of the bed and let it fall on the floor again. Then take the mattress away. Finally, turn upside the bed completely.

• If all these attempts don't produce any result, then it's time to let your Bobtail understand that you aren't joking. You have to show him that you're of sterling character, that you're decided not to share the bed with him.



1. Please remember that the Bobtail needs to sleep when he's tired. Thus can happen anytime. His life isn't easy, in fact he leads A DOG'S LIFE.

2. Please don't disturb the Bobtail whilst sleeping, therefore please speak with a low voice and walk on tiptoe. Don't worry for the thieves: they won't be noisy and won't disturb him.

3. Please get up a comfortable bed for your exclusive use. The Bobtail will appreciate the kind thought…when he'll get on it with you.

4. Please don't allow the Bobtail stopping your night rest. If he often wakes you in the night, you have to take a somniferous.

5. When the nights are cold, you have to use a thermic blanket. The Bobtails like warming too!


Contributo di Antonio Masneri- SAaPI News 1986

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