We're sorry, but this site hasn't got an English version too. We're hoping for a near future! By now, we can only help you with some information:

TUTTO QUELLO CHE AVRESTE DOVUTO SAPERE …. EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN ABOUT OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG… BUT NOBODY HAS NEVER DARED TO TELL YOU… BEFORE IT WERE TOO LATE! A little playful anthology about living together with an Old English Sheepdog (English text: Bobtail e sonno / The Sleeper) and "Come hai potuto? / How could you?", a touching story against abandonment (also original English text)

MERSEYBEAT Something about us, our story, our difficult and stimulating starting , and the Old English Sheepdog we proudly have owned and own now.

EVENTI SHOWS. Here you are able to find the complete calendar of International and National Show in Italy. Sometime is also indicated the name of the judge for Bobtails (this page is steadily under news revision). If you click on REGOLAMENTI, you'll find information about entry fees (TARIFFE) and how to become Italian Champion (GENERAL RULES). When you click on the stars, you'll have Championship and Special Shows results.

CUCCIOLATE PUPPIES AVAILABLE (in Italy, by now). Here you are able to find advertisements about litters, with photos, pedigree and other information.

CENTRO STUDI RESEARCH POINT about Old English Sheepdog. Here you'll be able to find basic informations about breeding, but also a DATA BASE (under construction) of most important Old English Sheepdogs in the past, with them pedigrees; problems and difficulty about breeding…and others.